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Route Planning Optimization and Scheduling

Take a wide variety of orders and locations and plan the optimal way to execute those orders at those locations, reducing travel times, fuel consumption and lateness.

Transportation Management System

Full TMS capabilities, including tariff modelling, contract/document management, ERP integration, automated haulier allocation, tendering management and more.

Visibility, Execution Management & Exception Management

Integration with telematics and mobile GPS enables visibility of planned vs. actuals of assets; full alerting capability for exceptions; better business intelligence and learning enables improved overall performance and compliance.

Mobile Solutions and ePOD

Enable your mobile workforce with fully customizable workflows that work for your business, downloadable schedules, sign-on-screen, photo uploads, and more. Go fully paperless and send ePODs on-site.

Strategic Sales Planning

Plan and manage visits for teams of sales people, field service technicians, hygiene workers, home care providers, waste collection agents and other types of personnel providing regular and cyclic services to customers.

Rail Planning

Optimally plan, schedule and execute your rail freight.


Tariff/Rating Engine: The richest rating engine in the industry enables accurate and ideal costings for any load.

Modular: Our solutions work together seamlessly; they can also work independently as individual modules.

Control Tower: Real-time visibility and orchestration across your moving assets.

API and Integrations: API-focused architecture – easily connect data from within and beyond your business.

Learning: Enable more accurate, profitable business decisions.

Portals: Allow customers, transporters, to log in to see live ETAs of their shipments, tender on loads, upload documentation and more.

IoT: Enhance performance and optimization by bringing in data from a variety of sources including weather, temperature, fuel, and other non-vehicle sources.

Mobile: Work across devices and enhance performance and compliance while going paperless

Saas: Ideal performance at a reduced cost


Sales Routing

Implement suitable routes and schedules for your sales staff.

GIS Visualisation

Visualisation of geographical information of your customer.

Distribution Strategy

Identify ideal delivery cycles, asset options and profitability models for your distribution.

Contract Costing

Ensure your expertise and services are valued accordingly when creating a new contract.

Fleet Configuration

Management, design and operation of your fleet

Network Optimisation

Review and modelling of existing or new network infrastructure, fleet configuration and depots.

NDD Assignment & Master Routes

Determine the best days to service wide range of set order customers. Create an efficient, up-to-date master routing strategy.