Rail Planning

Freight rail is faced with unique scheduling and optimisation challenges; and the impact of real-world events on planned schedules can be massive. OPSI Systems has extensive experience in the field of planning, management and execution of rail freight. Planning loads, managing occupations, adjusting the schedule to account for unintended activities on your lines with tight integration with wayside readers, GPS trackers and other real-time visibility sensors ensures you can respond and generate optimal rail schedules with speed and efficiency.

Opsi’s Route Planning Solutions’ Capabilities include

Generate schedules rapidly; OPSI’s rail planning solutions have reduced the planning period in some cases by as much as 90%

Playback the planned schedule to view simulated movements of rolling stock and statistics regarding total waiting time, total loaded and offloaded volumes.

Integration with wayside readers, GPS monitoring systems and traditional rail tracking means ensures complete visibility of your fleet.

Keep track of all executed loads for the period, and automatically adjusts for increased demand within an existing schedule if required.


  • Reduce freight scheduling time dramatically (potentially as much as 90%, depending on the current solution and methodology being used.)
  • Improve wagon cycling times and
  • Track adherence, driver performance, delivery statistics for long-term strategic review and adjustment.

Customer Story

”Across a wide range of contracts, we’ve achieved a between a 10-20% reduction in the fixed costs, as well as a saving from kilometres and overtime.”


SAB Miller was able to improve their KPIs through the use of OPSI’s solutions, achieving a 87% on-time delivery rate, route adherence of 97%, and improved tracking accuracy of fleet of 99%.

Saint-Gobain Construction Products SA was able to reduce transport cost per ton delivered and improved control of transport costs and assets through the use of OPSI’s planning and scheduling solutions.