Route Planning Optimization and Scheduling

Transportation is one of the largest costs for any business. OPSI Systems solutions provides superior route planning and scheduling tools to optimise transporters fleet utilisation, routes and schedules across many operating environments. Fleet configuration, fixed route planning, delivery planning and dynamic scheduling for real-time responsiveness – OPSI Systems helps transporters meet customer expectations by planning, executing and delivering with optimal efficiency.

Opsi’s Route Planning Solutions’ Capabilities include

Complex transport operation modelling, including product-vehicle exclusions, load and offload times, shift changes and more.

Responsive planning tools for single- and multi-day scheduling that allow for quickly running through multiple iterations and tweak with minimal effort.

Integrated with OPSI’s mobile workflow management app for drivers, providing them with alerts, downloadable schedules, signatures-on-site, financial back-end integration and more.

Manage both the planning and execution adherence through features such customisable alerts, automatic adjustment existing schedules based on real world events, and multiple dashboards.


  • Reduce fixed and variable costs on fleet configuration, 3rd party contractors, distance travelled and overtime.
  • Get visibility at every stage of the process, with the ability to intervene and adjust the schedule on the fly with full accountability.
  • Track adherence, driver performance, delivery statistics for long-term strategic review and adjustment.

Customer Story

“Across a wide range of contracts, we’ve achieved a between a 10-20% reduction in the fixed costs, as well as a saving from kilometres and overtime.”

SAB Miller was able to improve their KPIs through the use of OPSI’s solutions, achieving a 87% on-time delivery rate, route adherence of 97%, and improved tracking accuracy of fleet of 99%.

Saint-Gobain Construction Products SA was able to reduce transport cost per ton delivered and improved control of transport costs and assets through the use of OPSI’s planning and scheduling solutions.

Whether you have a large or small fleet of vehicles or a mobile workforce, you’re still expected to meet customer service expectations. This begins with proper planning for deliveries, pick-ups and/or service calls.  Opsi’s Route Planning solutions can empower you to achieve optimal fleet and mobile resource utilization and efficiency. Our solutions include advanced route optimization across a wide variety of planning scenarios from territories and master routes through to extremely dynamic routing environments driven by real-time demand. Opsi’s solutions help to decrease costs, improve service, increase productivity, and reduce the environmental impact of your fleet.