Strategic Sales & Field Worker Planning

MasterRouter (formerly called “Orbit”) is a to that allows you to pre-plan master routes based on visit frequency for different customer types. You can plan at the following levels:

  • Territory Level: What is the most optimal way to define your regions and territories and allocate customers to depots and managers?
  • Resourcing Level: How many resources do you actually require and what is the best set of days to visit each customer?

MasterRouter has a rich set of features to handle all kinds of real-world constraints.

  • Stand-Alone or Integrated Modes
  • Drawing Tool: A powerful region drawing tool for creating borders using client sites, clusters and routes for quickly identifying region overlaps and gaps.
  • Detailed Modelling: Automatically generate routes via various algorithms utilising various factors such as anchor and chain stores, detailed modeling of heterogeneous vehicles, preferred visit days and more
  • Heat-Map Functionality: Heat-map functionality allows you to represent client workload or visit frequency as a visual heat-map for quick identification of high-service areas.
  • Visual Filters: Visual filters help the user quickly switch between different sets of data.
  • Reporting Tools: A variety of graphs, charts and report tools are available for external presentation of scenarios. Data can also be exported for manual manipulation in popular programs such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Google Maps: Integration with Google Maps provides a friendly map viewer that allows planners to utilise powerful features such as Street View.


  • Maximize productivity and streamline your operations
  • Contract Costing: Understand how many people you need to fulfill a contract and how far each one must travel.
  • Master Routes: Create an efficient, up-to-date master routing strategy.
  • Sales Routing: Implement suitable routes and schedules for your sales staff.
  • Nominated Delivery Days: Determine the best days and frequency to service a set of customers.
  • Distribution Strategy Evaluation: Identify ideal delivery cycles, asset options and profitability models for your distribution.
  • GIS Visualisation: Visualisation of geographical information of your customers.

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