The Opsi Visibility Module is an executive dashboard that provides multiple views of your trips, their ETA’s and the statuses associated with the trips.

It allows you to view what your fleet is doing in real-time, with telematics data overlaid on your plan. In a glance you can see which of your trips are running on-time or late, and why.

The Visibility Module displays alerts related to both the plan and the telematics data; alerts are further escalated via email and SMS if they aren’t acknowledged in time. Speeding, harsh breaking, off-route, late for delivery – these and many more alerts can be easily configured.

Opsi’s Route Planning Solutions’ Capabilities include

The Opsi Visibility Module comes with several tools and views that provide information quickly and easily. Dashboards allow users to view planned trips with their current ETAs; actual driver activity is overlaid on a map with the plan for comparison and identification of deviations.

Users can then drill down to view more detail about stops within trips, stop sequence, unplanned stops, associated alerts and overall route adherence.

All of these statistics are visible through various charts, reports and a terminal board view designed for control rooms, depots and warehouses to provide a large display of live ETAs with arrival and departure times.

Information can be restricted at a client-level, ensuring each client only sees the information allowed to them.

Some of the capabilities include:

  • Dashboard to see overview of trips and their ETAs
  • Actual vs. planned map, Gantt chart and bar views
  • Tight integration with GPS to provide live tracking of vehicles
  • Automatic learning about stop times, driver performance, turn-around times and more, which can be incorporated into your planning to improve SLA compliance, customer service, and to monitor KPIs
  • Trips are uploaded either through an API or via CSV
  • View details of all stops within trips, including stop sequences, unplanned stops and adherence to the planned route
  • Alerts for non-compliance with the plan and from telematics; ignored alerts can be further escalated via SMS and email notifications
  • Ability to accept alternative routes and to allow unplanned stops
  • Ability to allocate vehicles to trips
  • Configurable debrief report
  • Terminal board view to provide control rooms, depots, warehouses and customers a simple display of live ETA’s for arrivals and departures; viewers can be restricted so that they only see trips relevant to them


  • Improved visibility and compliance: Know where your vehicles are while understanding adherence to the plan via ‘planned vs. actual’ views and a sophisticated alerts system. Learning capabilities improve overall performance and compliance.
  • Improved customer service: Live ETAs and improved adherence to the plan means more on-time arrivals while better managing customer expectations for late trips.